Founded in 1987, Frutas Los Cursos has been and is a solid company committed to the demands of the market, becoming one of the great references in the marketing of subtropical fruits.

During all these years, with great work and effort, we have managed to gain the trust of farmers and our customers, making us more competitive every day.

Our main objective is to offer the best quality and service to all the clients with whom we work, always adapting to the demands of each one of them.

Our most important product is the custard apple, with a large production because it is the most widely grown fruit in the area. We also work with other subtropical fruits such as: avocado, mango and loquat, among others.

We have our own production of several products: traditional mild guacamole, mild spicy guacamole and Mexican sauce. Our natural guacamole has the IFS Food certificate, which guarantees the safety and quality of processed products.

We also make cherimoya and mango fruit drinks. 

For us, the client is not only a destination to which a merchandise is sent, but rather he is made a participant in the marketing process to try to continuously improve the product or its preparation in order to stimulate the purchase of the final consumer.

A young company… with more than 34 years of experience.

Almuñécar Tropical Fruits: Every day the market becomes more demanding. In terms of quality, we are proud to have obtained all the quality seals, thus guaranteeing the trust of both our clients and the final consumer.

In this sense, we have obtained the ISO 9001 and EUREP-GAP quality certificates that guarantee the quality of our daily work, not ruling out any other quality procedure in the future if with this we manage to improve the manufactured product.

We are a reference in the commercialization of subtropical fruits, being members since its creation of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin of the Cherimoya, in charge of protecting, certifying and promoting the quality of the custard apple produced in the Tropical Coast of Granada and Malaga, and whose characteristics they must comply with the Designation of Origin Regulations, which set the conditions for their production, processing and packaging.